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Outdoor Storage & Parking Queen Anne

Seattle Outside Storage is the perfect place for folks who live in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood to store boats, trucks, cars, trailers & recreational vehicles. Our secure lots are fenced and locked. We also provide the convenience of twenty-four hour access seven days a week.

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Queen Anne Storage

Not only are our outdoor storage facilities secure and convenient, they're ideally located. You'll find our Bertona Outdoor Storage Lot at 1616 W Bertona near the base of Queen Anne Hill. Our Fishermen's Terminal Outdoor Storage Lot is just off 15th Avenue Northwest at the southend of the Ballard Bridge. Our office is on the other side of the Ballard Bridge, 5015 15th Avenue Northwest. Call 206-204-2222 for today's rates and space availability.

Queen Anne Parking

Maybe you've run out of yard space. Is your Queen Anne garage or yard too small to store a car or boat? Seattle Outside Storage is a great place to store your stuff because we're close, secure and provide 24/7 access to your property.

Centrally located, these lots are perfect for long-term parking. Park your car, truck, camper, boat, trailer or RV at Seattle Outside Storage. Call 206-204-2222 for today's rates and space availability.